Complete the HP Printer Setup With 123.hp.com/setup

There are a lot of HP printer models available and each of them has unique features. Select the printer model that is really compatible and that is suitable for all your print jobs

For any HP printer model that you use, the 123.hp.com/setup steps always remain the same and for few models, the steps vary and depend upon the version of your PC’s operating system that you use.

  • First-time printer setup(Loading the paper into the tray, inserting the cartridges on your printer and the cable connection)
  • Connecting the printer to the internet connection


First-time Printer setup

If your printer model is brand new take it out from the package and try to remove all the protective tapes that surround the printer. Slide one end of the power cable to the device and the power adaptor to the wall outlet

  • Now switch on the device and let the device power up for some time
  • Users who prefer wired network connection can connect the Ethernet cable to the respective slot
  • Choose good quality paper and start sliding it to the accurate position in the paper input tray

Network connection

  • Without a good speed network connection, it is not possible to proceed with the HP printer setup(123.hp.com/setup)
  • Select the option wireless and turn on the wireless icon by visiting the respective settings.
  • If wireless setup wizard is available on your settings start answering all the instructions of the wizard and try not to miss any of the steps

 How to download the software

You have two common methods for the software download such as download from the respective webpage or with the help of installation CD provided with the printer package.

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How to download the Printer software from the webpage

  • Choose the exact or right webpage for the software download
  • Start downloading the software from the webpage by typing the name of the printer and version of the operating system
  • Wait until the setup file is visible on the screen and then, just click on it to start extracting it to the respective folder
  • Before you proceed with you can check the version of the software that you download and ensure that it is compatible
  • Begin executing the wizard and we suggest you not to miss any of the instructions of the wizard and start executing it right away

HP Printer Models

123.hp.com/setup Troubleshooting Tips

It is always important to analyze the type of the error first after which, you can start executing the corresponding remedies;

HP Wireless Setup

  • If it is a network error check the credentials that you use (username and password)
  • Restart your printer and a check if the error still persists
  • Try to print a test page and check if the errors still persist
  • The network connection that you use must have good speed for the 123.hp.com/setup
  • Start using the HP print and scan doctor tool and run it once and check if you can avoid the error

Recheck and verify the 123.hp.com/setup steps and make sure that you do not miss any of the instructions

Use the above tips and start resolving the error right away and read and understand the guidelines before you start the HP printer setup with 123.hp.com/setup.Visit our hub 123.hp.com/dj3630 Note down the support number +1-855-463-1360 and start ringing it right away.